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Brandon Quester is director of data and visuals at inewsource. To contact him with tips, suggestions or corrections, please email brandonquester [at] inewsource [dot] org.

Diabetes-related amputations: How we crunched the data

To identify the increase in diabetes-related amputations in California, inewsource analyzed data from the California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development, the agency that collects information about the care provided to patients discharged from California hospitals. The data, compiled at the request of inewsource, includes more than 100 separate billing codes, by body part and procedure, detailing patients treated ... Read More »

Standardized test scores: How we crunched the data

Standardized test scores: How we crunched the data

The California Department of Education provides standardized testing data, by year, for every school in the state. These tests, such as the ACT and SAT, are designed to gauge students’ capabilities and preparedness for college. inewsource reviewed and analyzed ACT, SAT and other results from the past five school years. The inewsource investigation into Gompers Preparatory Academy, in addition to ... Read More »

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