The Locked Hotel
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The Locked Hotel

This past weekend, two of our reporters spent the night at the St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort, trying to get insight into the billionaire Koch brothers’ semi-annual retreat for wealthy, like-minded supporters. They had limited success before they were escorted off the property.

They managed to confirm that the retreat was taking place. That the entire 400-room resort had been purchased for three days — restaurants and all. That the conference had to do with “American Courage” and a free society. And that the participants were intent on keep themselves and their agenda secret from us — and you.

So why did we pursue this story? We were following the money, which we’ve pledged to do. Our reporters did old-fashioned shoe leather reporting, complemented by solid research.

Covering this event was about the Koch brothers, yes. But it also was about all the other mega-millionaires out there — the little sliver of the one percent — who can engineer elections anonymously without accounting to the public. Given high court decisions, this is our political reality.

This is also a big reason inewsource exists.

Kenneth Vogel, investigative reporter for Politico who recently published a book on the Koch brothers, said it best:

“It’s incumbent upon us, as journalists, members of the media, to try and pull back the curtain as far as we can to try and give voters the ability to make informed decisions about who is influencing the debate, who is trying to get which candidate elected…”

Click here to read the full story and see what they found.

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