District 2, Dianne Jacob

Supports the fund increase?

“The County’s Neighborhood Reinvestment Program has provided a means to make lasting improvements in communities and enhance the quality of life for residents. I called for scaling back the program’s funding during challenging fiscal times and, with stable growth in the County’s budget, I support restoring the funding next fiscal year.”
— Dianne Jacob

Dianne Jacob has given to about 200 different organizations during the past 16 years, particularly to parks, trails and athletic facilities. Her contributions to YMCAs standout among her colleagues: She has given four times more than the next closest supervisor. A half dozen YMCAs have benefited from her grants totaling $3.8 million. Jacob has also been generous to the Grossmont Union High School District with multiple grants amounting to $3.1 million.


Jacob gave 13 grants in fiscal 2014, the fewest of the supervisors. While she gave to some organizations in more than one year, multiple grants don’t always mean the most money. Jacob’s median award over the years is almost $35,000, but the Alpine Woman’s Club, for example, collected less than $21,000 from four grants.


Jacob gave to fewer organizations during election years, except for the 2000 cycle.

Jacob number of orgs

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  2. If you search the database that goes with the story — turns out it’s almost all Ron Roberts, 15 years in a row. Also, Bill Horn gave a 100k grant in 2009/2010.

  3. I don’t think it is fair to call Pro Kids a golf academy, although that is the name. It is a youth services organization in City Heights, and it does a great job. I’ve spent a lot of time there, and I think it is a great use of these funds.

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