On Monday, Cory Briggs’ law firm served inewsource executive director Lorie Hearn with a subpoena seeking information related to a story inewsource published on Feb. 26 about a conflict-of-interest investigation of Briggs.

This legal action follows a lawsuit filed against inewsource and Hearn personally Thursday by a nonprofit affiliated with Briggs. The suit, brought by San Diegans for Open Government, challenges the lease inewsource has with San Diego State University for its office, among other things.

Hearn said she and inewsource intend to fight both actions vigorously. “I believe they both are retaliation for the investigative journalism reports we have published and aired over the past two months,” Hearn said. “I am confident neither have merit.”
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  1. I’ve loved following the Briggs investigation. Such dedication to local investigative journalism is practically unheard of these days – you guys are the true watchdogs! Much respect.

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