An MTS rider swipes his credit card at an MTS ticket machine in April 2013. Katie Schoolov, KPBS

San Diego needs inewsource

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The city of San Diego released a list of more than 100 sets of data online Monday, months after inewsource began asking the city for its inventory of data.

The list of 115 data sets ranges from the places fire hydrants have been knocked over to how much revenue comes from each parking meter to the number of seals at the La Jolla Children’s Pool.

It is still only a fraction of about 1,000 data sets the City Council was told last September are deemed public. inewsource continues to press the city for the full list.

What the city has released so far, along with information on how the city is using the data and how the list was created, is on a new website,

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An MTS rider swipes his credit card at an MTS ticket machine in April 2013. Katie Schoolov, KPBS

MTS admits credit card security gaps

For years, San Diego public transit riders have been able to use credit and debit cards to purchase daily and monthly passes on their Compass Cards. Yet each transaction, whether at a ticket machine or online, may be putting the passenger’s credit card information at risk of being stolen.

San Diego’s Metropolitan Transit System has admitted its Compass Card fare collection system is not in compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), a set of rules and best practices developed by credit card companies to prevent fraud.

The standards include encrypting cardholder data, maintaining firewalls and regularly testing security systems. Compliance is supposed to be a minimum requirement of any merchant who wants to offer customers the convenience of paying with a credit or debit card.

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