by Leo Castaneda | inewsource

Air quality experts from the United States and Mexico came together recently on the San Diego State University campus to bring a sense of urgency to the challenges of monitoring air pollution along the border.

The discussion, which involved professors from SDSU and the University of California San Diego, as well as educators at universities in Tijuana and Mexicali, covered the wide availability of homemade air sensors and the wisdom of crowdsourcing air pollution.

The experts, whose areas of focus spanned environmental health, urban studies and chemical engineering, came away with a commitment to continue the conversation about ways air quality data can be captured and what actions can be taken to correct persistently polluted segments of the border.

The discussion was hosted and moderated by inewsource, and sponsored by the Center for Science and Media at SDSU. It was a continuation of “What’s in the Air,” an interdisciplinary class that brought journalism and earth sciences students together to build air monitors, test air quality in San Diego and publish the results.

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