by Joe Yerard | inewsource

At inewsource, we take seriously our commitment to shine a light on the forces influencing government. And so we’re pleased to announce the launch of our campaign finance news app.

Using data from the San Diego City Clerk’s website, this app allows users to search campaign contributions to San Diego politicians, ballot measures and independent committees. The app is updated every morning.

Academic studies, news stories and common sense tell us that campaign contributions influence politicians. In San Diego, data on campaign contributions has been locked in a user-unfriendly Excel file on the Clerk’s website. While there are worse systems for recording campaign finance data, this meant only the most dogged and tech-literate individuals could make heads or tales of it. Until now.

So check it out and let us know what you think. This app is a work in progress. We have plans to improve and expand it. We very much want to hear your thoughts on how we can make it better (and if anything is broken!).

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