by Chris Young | inewsource

The U.S. Department of Education opened a sexual assault investigation at San Diego Unified School District in December 2014, but district officials said nothing about it publicly.

On April 14, federal officials found that school officials failed to follow federal law regarding an assault. But even then, 16 months later, district officials didn’t announce the investigation or the resulting settlement with the federal government.

It wasn’t until inewsource reported last week after obtaining documents through a federal Freedom of Information Act request that district officials acknowledged that San Diego Unified had been the subject of a recently closed federal inquiry.

Administrators at Carlsbad Unified School District also did not tell parents that the district was facing its own Title IX investigation by the Office for Civil Rights. That investigation, the details of which haven’t been revealed, is ongoing.

The decision by both districts to stay quiet begs the question: What is the obligation of school districts to notify the public about these investigations?

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