by Leo Castaneda | inewsource

Down the street from the San Ysidro School District offices sits empty land that was once home to Beyer Elementary. The school was torn down to make room for brand new facilities, and almost four years later, the land is still vacant.

That’s only one criticism in a scathing new report from the San Diego County Grand Jury that hammers San Ysidro for mismanagement. It cites missteps that include buying unusable land, scheduling “questionable” bond payments and burning documents. All that occurred, the report said, as the district “amassed hundreds of millions of dollars in long-term debt with little to show for it.”

The report was also critical of the San Diego County Office of Education, which had financial oversight of the district during some of its most trying financial times. The county agency didn’t provide “adequate guidance and oversight” to the district, the report said.

However, the report seems to make errors about the chronology of some financial decisions. It holds the county responsible for school district actions more than a year before Office of Education advisers had direct oversight.

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