An Impossible Choice

Part One:

Deciding When a Life is No Longer Worth Living

It was the fifth time Rafaela’s feeding tube clogged, on the fifth consecutive Friday, that drove Steve Simmons to threaten to bring a shotgun into the nursing home.

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Part Two:

Part Two: The Life and Death of Pepito Burlaza

When Pepito Burlaza retired ten years ago, he and his wife began building their vacation home in the Philippines. With just a final coat of paint left to finish, their life took a dramatic turn when Pepito suffered a debilitating stroke.

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inewsource on PBS NewsHour

inewsource‘s special report, “An Impossible Choice,” aired on PBS NewsHour Sept. 30, 2014. The 10-minute video featured footage shot within a California subacute facility and interviews with doctors, researchers, caregivers and family members.

Click here to explore the full “Impossible Choice” website, complete with interactive maps, videos, audio stories, forums and resources.

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