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UPDATED: 6/5/14 8:00 AM

On June 3, the citizens of San Diego went to the polls to decide the fate of the Barrio Logan Community Plan. When the votes were counted, the two propositions implementing the plan were soundly defeated. Proposition B failed by a vote of 58 percent to 42 percent. Proposition C failed by a vote of 61 percent to 40 percent. The map on the right shows election results by precinct.

Story: Barrio Logan strongly disagreed with city voters

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How to read this map:

This map is colored based on election results by precinct.

  • Precincts that approved both propositions B and C are blue.
  • Precincts that rejected both propositions B and C are red.
  • Precincts that approved or tied on one proposition while rejecting or tying on the other are purple.
  • Precincts that did not cast any votes in the election are gray.

Click on a precinct to see how it voted. Enter your address in the address field to find your precinct.

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Source: San Diego County Registrar of Voters | Map and analysis by Joe Yerardi | Based on a map template by Derek Eder.