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Our community-powered Investigative News Fund sustains and expands local watchdog reporting with national impact. The fund supports the inewsource award-winning investigative team, their equipment, supplies and outreach in communities.

Stories with impact

An investigation into Veterans Village of San Diego found widespread drug abuse at the once renowned nonprofit’s addiction treatment center

inewsource reporting prompted state and federal inquiries. San Diego County officials stopped sending clients to Veterans Village following multiple deaths at the nonprofit’s center and ongoing concerns about its operations.

Five police departments in San Diego County stop illegally sharing drivers’ location data

inewsource uncovered police agencies spending thousands of dollars every year to collect drivers’ location data by scanning license plates on people’s cars. Five departments in San Diego County were sharing the information illegally with hundreds of other law agencies across the country. As a result of our questioning, all five ended or suspended the practice.

San Diego County health officials change COVID-19 vaccine policy after inewsource reported some without photo ID turned away

San Diego County changed its public-facing COVID-19 vaccine policy to say its vaccine clinics will accept a broad range of documents to verify identity after an inewsource investigation found health staff turned away individuals who wanted a vaccine but could not provide a photo ID.

Truth matters

“I would hug you if I could. Thank you. Thank you for being our voice. I can’t express how much your work means to me. To us.”
— Veterans Village resident

“This specific story was about life or death. We were being dismissed. Being able to tell our story – it’s hard. But also being able to have somebody believe our story is even harder.”
— Lilian Serrano, community member

“Investigative reporting is journalism’s gold standard, but it’s in short supply. Independent nonprofits like inewsource are filling the void and shining a light on the unvarnished truth.”
— Charles Lewis, Center for Public Integrity founder and inewsource Emeritus Board member and supporter

Who will hold the powerful accountable?

inewsource was founded in 2009 at a time of deep recession and cuts in costly investigative news teams. Rigorous investigative journalism has vanished from many commercial newsrooms. It’s a trend that continues today. Who will hold the powerful accountable?

inewsource was on the leading edge of the shift to nonprofit, independent newsrooms and is now a model in a growing and important new field of nonprofit news. Trusted, investigative reporting is essential to support the public interest and healthy, informed communities. It’s never been more important – or more urgent.

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