Major Gift Opportunities

At inewsource, we are committed to expanding our reporting and improving our capacity to bring you the most fearless, unbiased and precise investigative and accountability reporting possible. As a nonprofit newsroom, we need your help to accomplish our goals.

Our core mission is to produce hard-hitting reporting that will positively impact the San Diego and beyond. To do this, we need skilled journalists and editors, and they need equipment and support.

Your generosity helps us to sustain and to flourish, ensuring there are more of us looking out for you. Following are the priorities we have set for 2019:

Infrastructure Reporting (new beat!)


Streets, sidewalks, curbs, storm drains, parks, water and sewer lines – the list goes on. Infrastructure is the foundation of our physical civic life, and as it erodes, so does our quality of life. It affects the region’s economic health and its ability to grow. There is no question that infrastructure in this region is crumbling – to the tune of billions of dollars in needed maintenance – and no one is watchdogging this collapse. We want to dig deep into where the money is being spent, how efficiently it’s being spent and how equitably.

This is a new coverage area for us, and we want to raise a full three years of funding to launch it.

We have received a generous match gift of $50,000 towards this initiative. Support inewsource today in our quest to dig into infrastructure and have your contribution matched, up to $50,000.

Education reporting


Our coverage has had broad and tangible impacts, and creating a fund dedicated to education reporting will guarantee that inewsource has the resources to bring attention to systemic problems and prompt positive change.
Here are a few examples of the impact that followed inewsource education reports:

Health and Healthcare reporting


inewsource coverage has focused on access to and quality of care. We expose weaknesses in the system, and strive to put our thorough, data-rich reports into the hands of those who can make improvements. In-depth, accountability journalism helps educate people as they navigate tough decisions for themselves and their families.

Examples of inewsource reporting on health and healthcare:

Website Redesign


inewsource is turning 10. To celebrate, we’ve got big plans for a website redesign that will improve our storytelling ability and your interactions with our content.

A newly designed website will deliver our reporting through a fast-loading, slick-looking interface and a homepage that’s easier to navigate. Website overhauls are costly but our website is our face to the world. It needs to be clean, make sense and be easy to get around. It will improve our service to you.



A dual mission of inewsource is teaching and mentoring journalism’s next generation. We do this primarily by offering paid internships every semester to aspiring investigative and data journalists. The program exposes students to the specialized crafts of in-depth, precision-based journalism. inewsource is distinguished among other news organizations for our expertise in data and deep accountability reporting, and we teach these skills to interns in our sought-after program.

Hear from our interns:

Editors Fund


Editors are leaders whose main goal is to help reporters do their best work. They advise, they guide, they push and they support. Reporters and editors are a team, working to find, investigate and tell stories that have the potential to make our lives better. Editors are a safety net to make sure every fact is verified and that the reporting is as fair and balanced as it can be. They usually operate behind the scenes. No bylines or credit lines. Their satisfaction is in a job well done for you.

The buck stops with our editors. You can support their critical role in the editorial process by donating to our Editors Fund.

There are many ways for you to support inewsource.

The above opportunities enable our organization to expand and launch new initiatives.

To learn more about inewsource's major gift opportunities and how you can support them, please contact Ashley Rodriguez at or 619-594-8197.