by Lorie Hearn | inewsource

In September, we released a months-long investigation into political and financial connections between public officials and local media moguls Doug Manchester and John Lynch. A major focus was the Port of San Diego’s Tenth Avenue Marine Terminal, the deep water port downtown that Manchester and Lynch would like to see transformed into an entertainment complex that would include a Chargers stadium.

The project has ignited the San Diego mayoral election and raised critical questions about government transparency. There have been new revelations unearthed almost every day.

We’ve re-arranged the stories below in the order we feel is best for understanding what is happening.

First, read what started this whole thing — the investigation by reporter Brooke Williams that examines the connections among, Carl DeMaio, Lynch and Manchester.

Then, read the three main blog posts in order — “Port Commissioner: ‘UT is Coming after Us’,” “Port Commissioner claims U-T CEO threatened him; CEO says, Not True” and “Carl DeMaio’s office says no record of communication between DeMaio, Lynch and Manchester.”

Lastly, spend some time with the interactive timelines that put it all into perspective and with reporter Brad Racino’s explanatory page that attempts to answer the question, “What’s a Port Worth Anyway?”


We’ll let you know when big things happen.

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