State Integrity: Holding California Accountable

Transparency Laws Don’t All Work as Expected

California has a maze of laws written to make government transparent and to diminish the risks of dishonesty, favoritism and conflicts of interest, but sometimes there are gaps between what the laws say and what they actually do.

Money and Politics

California has some of the toughest campaign finance disclosure laws in the country. But when it comes to how much people can donate, there are plenty of loopholes to be exploited by savvy donors.

The People have the Final Word

For more than 100 years, Californians have embraced the idea that if you don’t like the way state laws work, go out and write some of your own.

Pension System Conflicts Ensure Giant Taxpayer Bills

When members of a government board take a vote that brings them personal financial gain, that’s generally called unethical, or even illegal. But on California’s public-employee pension board, it’s standard procedure, practically guaranteed by the makeup of the board — and required by the state Constitution.

Gov. Brown’s Pension Reform

Gov. Jerry Brown says his 12-point pension reform plan would cut about half the cost to taxpayers and reduce their risk of pension debt. It includes a number of changes that quickly drew union opposition and some that would require changing the state constitution.


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