Social Media and Web Engagement Manager

Social Media and Web Engagement Manager: $60,000

To have impact, inewsource content has to reach the people who will care the most about it, and, who,  in the best of all worlds, are in a position to effect positive change. Managing this communication is the full-time job of an Engagement Manager who would help raise our content’s visibility, bring it to the attention of the people who can solve problems, and engage new and current supporters.

But an Engagement Manager’s job is bigger than pushing our content out to various audiences.

  • It’s also getting to know our fans, tracking what they like about us and what they don’t, and interacting with them regularly.
  • It’s about keeping our website fresh.  Journalism of the depth that inewsource produces takes time to carefully research, fact-check and  document. And although we are not a daily destination site,  we do need to keep our profile fresh. That means finding the best investigative reporting out there and alerting our readers to it.
  • It’s about tracking the impact of our work so foundations and philanthropists who support us  can be confident their funds are spent wisely to further the cause of independent and unbiased reporting.

At inewsource, we maintain old-fashioned values in the rapidly changing world of  journalism. An Engagement Manager would be our monitor and our voice, making an impact in the virtual world.

To find out more about this funding opportunity, please contact:
Executive Director Lorie Hearn or by phone at 619-594-5100