The Spotlight Club is a growing network of philanthropists who view credible and in-depth journalism as critical to a functioning democracy.

Members invest in investigative journalism to ensure fearless, non-partisan truth-tellers are looking out for the best interest of the community.

Our journalism acts as a watchdog on decisions, policies and practices affecting our daily lives. inewsource strives to uphold the constitution to the highest level, and your support of us at the highest levels means our work can dig deeper into the issues that matter and widen our reach into more communities.

Membership is open to all donors who give $1,000 or more annually. As a Spotlight Club member, you become part of a prestigious group of friends dedicated to supporting investigative reporting. Join today to enjoy a full year of “behind the story” insights, advanced release of major investigations, special events and more.

Membership Benefits

Inside Source – $1,000+

  • Advance alerts of upcoming news stories
  • “Behind the Deadline” videos about key stories, direct from the reporters who wrote them
  • Invitations to Spotlight Club events, featuring prominent names in the media
  • Monthly “Inside inewsource” updates from the CEO and Editor
  • Recognition as a Spotlight Club member on website, at signature events and in newsletters

Headliner – $2,500+

  • All of the above, plus…
  • Invitations to “Coffee with the Editor,” highlighting insider updates and discussion of pressing San Diego concerns and stories

Illuminator – $5,000+

  • All of the above, plus…
  • Invitations to private VIP salon events
  • Personal service ombudsman, Alina Strauss, to answer questions and to accommodate requests from members

Fourth Estate – $10,000+

  • All of the above, plus…
  • Dinner with the Editor (with option to include four additional guests)
  • Special opportunities to meet with prominent names in the media and to invite guests


The best and most popular Spotlight Club benefits we have to offer are our events. Every Spotlight Club event we host is intent on curating a relevant, interesting conversation that uplifts the importance of journalists and the necessity of a free, credible press. 

Saving Local News

July 31, 2020

John Thornton, co-founder of the American Journalism Project, talked about the essential role of civic news in local democracy.

The Price of Truthful Reporting

August 19, 2020

Maria Ressa, co-founder of the Rappler news site in the Philippines and an international face of the fight for press freedom, shared the dangers of the media being manipulated by the government.

America: What went wrong?

September 10, 2020

Jim Steele premier investigative reporter and winner of multiple Pulitzer Prizes, furthered the discussion of America’s disappearing middle class in this Spotlight Club virtual event.

Spotlight Club Members

Major Impact Ambassador $25,000+

  • Marilyn Creson-Brown
  • Anne Evans
  • Pam and Hal Fuson
  • The Hervey Family Fund
  • Reva and David Logan
  • Amy Ginnow and Andrée Morin
  • Joan and Irwin Jacobs
  • Allison and Robert Price
  • Sandra Timmons and Richard Sandstrom
  • Nita and Henk van der Werff
  • Karin Winner

Fourth Estate $10,000+

  • Stephanie Bergsma and Dwight Hare
  • Martha and Ed Dennis
  • Joyce Gattas
  • William Grosskopf
  • Pixie Haughwout and Ralph Folsom
  • Carol Lazier and Jay Merritt
  • Linda and Mel Katz
  • Gayle and Phil Tauber

Illuminator $5,000+

  • Pat Abbott
  • Peter Cooper
  • Susanna and Michael Flaster
  • Kim Godwin and Tom Wilcox
  • Ida Houby and Bill Miller
  • Judy and Marshall Lewis
  • Karen and John Liu
  • The Lynn Family
  • Manpower San Diego
  • Jordanna Polis-Schutz
  • Susan Polis-Schutz and Stephen Schutz
  • Paula and Brian Powers
  • Stacy and Don Rosenberg
  • Deborah Szekely
  • Paula Taylor and Bernie Kulchin
  • Kitty and Keene Wolcott

Headliner $2,500+

  • Dede and Michael Alpert
  • John Caple
  • Denise Carabet and Don Howells
  • Vickie Church
  • Judy Clarke and Speedy Rice
  • Emily and Dan Einhorn
  • Alicia and Charles Foster
  • Benno Friedman
  • Larry Friedman
  • Kim Godwin and Tom Wilcox
  • Laura and Guy Halgren
  • Susan and Peter Mallory
  • Pam and Dennis Mudd
  • The San Diego Foundation
  • Pat and Chris Weil

Inside Source $1,000+

  • Sayed Ali
  • Valerie Barker
  • Heather Bergman and Matt Steiner
  • Mary Ann Beyster
  • Janet Bourgeois
  • Karen and Jim Brailean
  • Joan and Daniel Brown
  • Anne-Marie Caple
  • Candace Carroll and Len Simon
  • Margaret and Paul Citron
  • Bret Cleveland and Robert Algeni
  • Paula Cordeiro and David O’Brien
  • Amy Corton and Carl Eibl
  • Guylyn and Scott Cummins
  • Kelly Davenport and Mark DeBoskey
  • Elissa and Gary Davis
  • Mary and Jim Dawe
  • Caroline and Lloyd de Llamas
  • Ingrid de Llamas
  • Sr. RayMonda DuVall
  • Elisabeth Eisner-Forbes
  • Robert Engler and Julie Ruedi
  • Linda Evangelist
  • Jane and Tom Fetter
  • Pat Finn and Walter Burkhard
  • Theresa Foudy and John Castellano 
  • Barbara Freeman
  • John Freis
  • Leticia and David Fuhriman
  • Elaine Galinson and Herb Solomon
  • Hanna and Mark Gleiberman
  • Beth Goodman
  • Matthew Halgren and Thomas Lipp
  • Marjorie Hansen-Shaevitz and Morton Shaevitz
  • Steve Hart
  • Barbara and Jim Hartung
  • Ruth Hayward
  • Lorie Hearn
  • Joel and Roseanne Holliday
  • Jim Hurley
  • Joanne Hutchinson
  • Nora Jaffe
  • Nancy Jamison and Mark Dillon
  • Jay Jeffcoat
  • The Jewish Community Foundation
  • Stuart Karasik
  • Julie and Tom Karlo
  • Sheryl and Kenneth King
  • Gail and Marty Levin
  • Sheila and Jeff Lipinsky
  • Tom Maddox and Randy Clark
  • Susan and John Magee
  • Barbara Majure
  • Susan and Mike Marrinan
  • Connie Matsui and Bill Beckman
  • Nathan McCay
  • Judy McDonald
  • Margaret McKeown and Peter Cowhey
  • Maggie and Paul Meyer
  • Fenner Milton
  • Mary Munk
  • Evelyn Nagel and Christopher Meyers
  • Cindy and George Olmstead
  • Mahesh Podar
  • Susan Raffee
  • Martha Ranson
  • Laurayne Ratner
  • Patti Roscoe and Jim Tiffany
  • Georgia and Blair Sadler
  • Susan and Edward Sanderson
  • Isabel and Scott Schechter
  • Lynn Schenk
  • Charles and Donna Sevilla
  • Darlene Shiley
  • Susan Shirk and Sam Popkin
  • Louarn and Alan Sorkin
  • Nancy and Alan Spector
  • Kat and Ted Steuer
  • Barbara Talisman
  • Samara Tauber
  • Debra Turner
  • Lori and Paul Thiel
  • Amy and Horacio Valeiras
  • John Venekamp and Cliff Schireson
  • Audrey Viterbi and Dan Smargon
  • Vincent Von Kaenel
  • Will Vukmanic
  • Mary Walshok
  • Susan and Allan Wegner
  • Cynthia Wingard
  • Laura Wingard and Michael Schuerman
  • Dale Yahnke
  • Ann Zahner

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