Voting Wars: Rights, Power, Privilege

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Since the last presidential election, politicians in 20 states have passed dozens of new voting laws, which means millions of Americans will face unprecedented requirements to vote.

These new laws were nine times more likely to be passed by Republican-led legislatures than those controlled by Democrats, a News21 analysis found.

“Voting Wars,” an investigation of voting rights and election participation, is the 2016 project of the Carnegie-Knight News21 program, a national multimedia, investigative reporting project produced by the nation’s top journalism students and graduates. Each year, students selected into the program report in-depth on a topic of national importance.

This year, 31 journalism students from 18 universities traveled to 31 states, conducted hundreds of interviews, reviewed thousands of pages of state statutes and other records, and built databases and data visualizations documenting the issues surrounding voter rights and participation.

inewsource is proud to publish the resulting stories, videos and interactive graphics. To learn more about News21, please visit the program’s about page.

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The stories:

Uscav Mosco News21

New laws leave voters to navigate maze of requirements

With the presidential election less than three months away, millions of Americans will be navigating new requirements for voting – if they can vote at all – as state leaders implement dozens of new restrictions that could make it more difficult to cast a ballot.
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California minority representation

California law opens door for minority representation

From the Cascade Mountains to the San Bernardino desert, more than 200 jurisdictions have switched to a more minority-friendly election system since 2004.
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America scrubs millions from the voter rolls. Is it fair?

The cleansing of America’s voter registration rolls occurs every two years and has become a legal battleground between politicians who say the purges are fair and necessary, and voting rights advocates who contend that they discriminate.
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College student voters

College students face unique challenges getting to ballot box, voting

For many college students, it’s not voter apathy that keeps them away from the polls, but rather the hassle involved with registering and voting.
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News21 voter fraud

No voter impersonation fraud found among key states with Voter ID laws

An analysis and recent court rulings show little evidence that voter fraud is widespread, despite political arguments about requiring photo ID laws.
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