Newsletter: November 4, 2013

The Truth about Nathan Fletcher

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Mayoral candidate Nathan Fletcher sat down with inewsource yesterday afternoon for an exclusive interview about his personal history, a subject of recent and intense media and campaign scrutiny. He said he wanted to set the record straight about his youngest years, details of which he never fully shared with his mother after she lost custody of him as a toddler.

Sunday afternoon, Fletcher and his mother sat down with inewsource reporter Joanne Faryon in the KPBS studios and discussed the dramatic custody battle his parents fought over him, the abuse — “a living hell” — he said suffered in his father’s home and how he believes the experience instilled an empathy that made him a strong Marine and an advocate for women and children.

Fletcher said he agreed to the interview because people have been trying to distort his family life during the campaign.

“I’ve done my best to try to protect my family and protect what little privacy you can when you run for office,” he told inewsource. “Like so many families out there, my life experience doesn’t fit neatly in a 30-second soundbite. Through the course of the campaign, a lot of folks have tried to misrepresent or misconstrue parts of my childhood to suit some alternative motive….”

Read “The Truth about Nathan Fletcher” here. Listen this morning on KPBS radio, 89.5, and watch the story on Evening Edition tonight at 5 and 6:30, channel 11.

— Lorie Hearn, executive director


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