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Known as Community Partners, these important community members hold power to account through monthly gifts. They sustain our investigative reporting and coverage of critical issues that impact people every day, from criminal justice to education to government spending.

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“Though the phrase ‘the Fourth Estate’ is seldom used these days, to me it represents one of the highest forms of service, to government and citizens alike. The inewsource team provides more than reportage, going deep into the details and providing context to ensure we are well informed, repeatedly proving themselves beyond worthy of our support.”

Robert Cunningham, Community Partner

“I think of the long hours you put in to unearth the facts and your skills and perseverance in documenting them and I’m enormously grateful. Please know many, many of us feel this way. inewsource’s mission and awesome reporters are why I continue to support inewsource with monthly ‘stretch’ donations. We need investigative reporting now more than ever!”

Ann Zahner, Community Partner

inewsource is grateful to our Community Partners listed below who support our nonprofit investigative newsroom every month. If you notice errors or omissions, please contact

Community Partners

  • David Ailor
  • Feroza Ardeshir and Suresh Subramani
  • Valerie Barker
  • Eowyn Bates
  • Heather Bergman and Matthew Steiner
  • Ellen Bevier
  • Josephine Briggs
  • Stephanie Caballero
  • Irene Cevallos
  • Omar Chavez
  • Marilyn Colby
  • John Cole
  • Nikki Correa
  • Rich Cosgrove
  • Kell Crider
  • Scott and Guylyn Cummins
  • Robert Cunningham
  • Barbara Davenport
  • Terri and Carl Dean
  • Robert Eisele
  • Hussein Emami
  • Douglas Frost
  • Pamela Gilbert and Charles Lewis
  • Faye Girsh
  • Travis Good
  • Lee Grant
  • Pamela Gray
  • Allen Gruber
  • Fay Hamilton
  • Lorie Hearn
  • Frederick Hornbeck
  • Gurdon Hornor
  • Joanne Hutchinson
  • Karen Kinney
  • Janet Klauber and Jim Melli
  • Brian Kougl
  • George Laflamme
  • Robert Leiter
  • Kay Lilland
  • John and Karen Liu
  • Gina Lubrano
  • Patti Malmuth Carlos
  • Mike Mavis
  • Mary Meyers
  • Matthew Meyers
  • William Angus
  • David Milroy
  • Sarah Monsees
  • Chandra Mukerji
  • Evelyn Nagel and Christopher Meyers
  • Rebecca Nee
  • Anne Nowlin
  • Oscar Ortiz
  • Michael Price
  • Niru Ramachandran
  • Martha Ranson
  • Thomas Shepard
  • Dave Stephens and Danielle Cervantes Stephens
  • John Sturgeon
  • Deborah Szekely
  • Taiga Takahashi
  • Linda Tegarden
  • Jim Tiffany and Patti Roscoe
  • Michael Ursell
  • Liesbeth Vandenbosch
  • Tom Walters
  • Allan and Susan Wegner
  • Kevin Weibezahl
  • Pat Wilson
  • Bernadette Winter-Villaluz
  • Kathleen Wood
  • Nancy Worlie
  • Julie Wright
  • Ann Zahner
  • Leslie Susan Zoref
  • Mark Rochester
  • Michelle Rodriguez
  • Suzanne Roth
  • Julie Ruedi and Robert Engler
  • Mary Salas
  • Mark Sauer
  • Jim Self
  • Frederick Simson
  • Lorena Slomanson
  • Michelle Srbinovich

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