inewsource launched in 2009, amid a deep recession and a catastrophic downsizing of newspapers and network media in San Diego and across the country. Some of the greatest casualties of the disruption were investigative journalists, bulldogs in the industry whose passion was uncovering wrongs and wrongdoers in the name of the public good.

Our Mission

inewsource is a nonprofit, nonpartisan newsroom dedicated to improving lives in the San Diego region and beyond through impactful, data-based investigative and accountability journalism. Read more about our standards and policies.

Our Vision

Betrayals of the public trust are revealed and rectified, wrongdoing is deterred, and inequities are illuminated thanks to inewsource’s deep, dogged, fact-based reporting.

Our Values

Truth: Above all else, we value the importance of a free and credible press. Truth is the cornerstone of democracy and the core value for inewsource.

Transparency: We build trust with our readers by adhering to the highest standards and ethics, and to reporting with facts, precision and context.

Collaboration: Our newsroom prioritizes collaboration over competition. We regularly partner with media outlets on reporting projects and to share content.

Community: Our reporting serves the San Diego region, and we strive to build relationships with our audience by getting out into the community to listen and engage.

Our Staff

Local news, especially investigative reporting, is essential to a functioning democracy. Our work brings to light inequity, injustice and government’s failure to protect the public. Our journalists help to prevent malfeasance and corruption.

Our Awards

We’re proud of the work we do and honored when it is recognized by our peers. Since we began publishing in 2009, inewsource has received multiple national and regional awards.

Our Partners

We value collaboration and partner with media outlets to maximize the reach of our journalism.

Our Donors

As a nonprofit, we rely on individual donors to support our journalism.