While Congress was on recess during the past month, Rep. Brian Bilbray was spending time with family in San Diego and handling matters related to his mother’s death, said spokesman Fritz Chaleff.

Bilbray’s mother, who was 90, died in May. He is in charge of her estate, Chaleff said.

The congressman also met with constituents, community groups and other organizations while he was on the West coast, Chaleff said. On Wednesday morning, inewsource asked Chaleff which groups the congressman met with, but as of publication, Chaleff said he was still working on getting the information.

Bilbray’s website mentions one meeting: In August, he spoke at a rally outside his Solana Beach office organized by members of Americans for Prosperity, a group that lobbies for less government spending.

Bilbray will be back in Washington next week, Chaleff said, and plans to focus on the economy and immigration reform.

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