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Use the map below to locate schools, then click on the dot to see that school’s enrollment, revenue limit, and, where provided, the attendance and revenue lost last school year.

Every student has a value — a monetary one — in K-12 public education in California. Each year, the Department of Education calculates a “revenue limit,” which is the amount of money a district should receive in general funding for each student in a traditional, non-charter public school. Then, depending upon the state’s financial situation, that figure might be “deficited.” Last year, revenue limit funds were cut by almost 20 percent.

School districts receive that money per student based on attendance, not enrollment.

KPBS and the inewsource requested attendance information from all 42 K-12 school districts in San Diego County in order to calculate how much student absences cost districts. Thirty-two districts responded with the requested information. Eleven of those were either basic aid districts, which don’t rely as much on the state for funding, or necessary small schools, which count on an enrollment formula for funding.

An analysis of the information revealed that student absences at traditional, non-charter schools cost 21 districts at least $102 million in revenue funding.

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