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by Kevin Crowe | inewsource

As the June primary nears, candidates running for federal office in the 52nd and 51st Congressional Districts are drumming up support for their campaigns. Federal campaign finance reports the candidates filed over the weekend show Rep. Brian Bilbray is far ahead of his Democratic and Republican opponents vying for the seat in the 52nd.

Bilbray’s campaign has brought in just more than $1 million overall, and he has outraised all of his opponents combined in cash from donors and political action committees (PACs). The congressman has raised more than half of his money from PACs, most of which are based in Washington, D.C., and Virginia.

Port Commissioner Scott Peters has raised twice as much cash as his democratic opponent Lori Saladaña as they battle to make it through the primary in the 52nd. Peters’ campaign has brought in about $457,000 compared to Saldaña’s $214,000 since both committees started fundraising.

John Stahl, another Republican running in the 52nd, has a war chest second only in size to Bilbray’s, but almost all of that money has come from his personal loans to his campaign.

California State Senator Juan Vargas has also significantly outraised his opponent, Denise Moreno Ducheny, in his campaign to take the seat in the 51st Congressional District. Vargas has raised more than $400,000 while Ducheny has brought in about $210,000.

About half of Vargas’ cash has come from PACs and other committees, and he has loaned his campaign $60,000.

The graphic below breaks down the money flowing into candidates’ coffers by cash from donors, cash from committees such as PACs and how much of their own money they’re putting into the race.

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