Interact with the timeline below to follow the various versions of an email U-T San Diego CEO John Lynch sent to Port Commissioner Scott Peters August 9. The email asked Peters how he intended to vote on the the 24.5-year lease with Dole Food Company at the Tenth Avenue Marine Terminal downtown.

The expansion of the lease was seen as a blow to the U-T’s vision of building a new football stadium on the site of the marine terminal. Peters said the email was intended to influence his vote.

The email has now become its own story. In a version of the email Peters provided to I-Newsource and KPBS recently, Lynch wrote, “the UT will be forced to lead a campaign to disband the PORT [sic]” if a provision was not included that allowed the Dole lease to be moved to National City.

In an interview, Lynch said the email was not a threat, but a “call to action”. Hours later, Lynch said while he did send an email to Peters August 9, it did not include the sentence threatening the port.

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