Newsletter: A thank you to the petition signers

Dear friends,

We at inewsource would like to say “thank you” for signing our online petition opposing the North County Transit District’s move to delete email correspondence after only 60 days.

Despite the board of directors’ unanimous vote to approve the policy on Thursday, the petition was a success in important ways. Your response in such a short period of time underscored the public’s insistence on open and accountable government.

The petition lit up the Twittersphere, and we received supportive emails and comments from politicians, journalists and the general public over the weekend. All in all, we had 125 signatures in about 24 hours — not bad for a movement we organized at the last minute!

Thank you for supporting the petition specifically and inewsource in general. It was heartening to see the response from people like you. We are more committed than ever to holding government officials responsible for conducting the public’s business in a transparent and accessible way.

— Lorie Hearn, Executive Director |


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Brad Racino
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