As mentioned in yesterday’s blog post, homemakers ranked high on the list of occupations contributing $1,000 or more to mayoral candidates. They were the third-most-common occupation among contributors to the campaigns of both Republican Kevin Faulconer and Democrat Nathan Fletcher.

This struck some of our readers as odd — after all, homemakers traditionally do not draw a salary. Some were curious as to how many of those homemakers were spouses of other contributors to the same candidate.


We thought that was a good question, so we crunched the numbers.

As of Friday morning, 40 contributions — out of 416 total — had come from individuals identifying themselves as homemakers. Of those 40 contributions, 29 were from individuals who shared the same last name, city, state, and ZIP code as another individual who had donated to the same candidate and listed an occupation other than homemaker.

Follow the Money
Follow the Money

Of those 29 contributions, 22 were given to the candidate on the same day as the contribution given by the individual with the matching personal information.

Nineteen of the 29 contributions went to Kevin Faulconer and 10 of them went to Nathan Fletcher. David Alvarez did not receive any contributions from homemakers.

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