Newsletter: San Diego County’s paper system

What year is this?”


Dear friends of inewsource,

Intermission at the opera and on to another topic — one that still deals with holding powerful people accountable.

In 2014, candidates running for office continue to report their financial information on paper.  inewsource, known for our Follow the Money feature during the San Diego mayor’s race, asked ‘why?’ The old system makes it virtually impossible for all of you (or us) to search campaign contributions, candidates, amounts or dates.

Examining one piece of paper at a time is not the most transparent way of doing business.

Good news! Within 24 hours of publishing our story — one complete with a feature-length TV spot and radio broadcast — inewsource got results!

San Diego County Supervisor Dave Roberts, one of five supervisors responsible for budgeting the money to bring the county into the 21st century digitally, said he believes the time is now:


We’ll be watching closely in June when the supervisors take this up during budget hearings for the next fiscal year.

(Let’s hope public accountability wins)

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— Lorie Hearn, executive director


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