Transparency and inewsource

by Lorie Hearn | inewsource

inewsource is not only dedicated to digging deep for the facts — and the truth — but we are committed to being transparent in how we do our work.

We tell you how we did stories. Check out “How to Uncover a Scandal from your Couch.

We tell you about our data. How we collected it. What it includes and what’s missing. What we determined should be taken out. How we did the analysis.

We use a free service — developed by investigative journalists — called Document Cloud to let you see the documents we rely on in our reporting. Anyone can use it, by the way. You can keep documents private or make them public. You can redact or highlight. Pretty cool.

All this transparency is about building trust. We want you to feel you can come to us for the facts and believe what you see and read.

That’s sharpening the standards of investigative journalism in the 21st century.


We'll let you know when big things happen.

About Lorie Hearn:

Lorie Hearn is the founder and executive director of inewsource.