by Leo Castaneda | inewsource

Forget about body cameras on police officers. Let’s talk body cams on eagles.

That’s one of the reporting tools David Poulson, associate director of Michigan State University’s Knight Center for Environmental Journalism, is excited to see in action.

Poulson talked Thursday about combining science, art and journalism to tell stories in new ways as part of the Center for Science and Media’s Colloquium Speaker Series. He pointed to a map that shows wind moving across the U.S. in near-real time. This tool, he said was developed by artists, using science and data. He then used it as as a journalist to show wind patterns during recent storms.

In addition to his role at Michigan State’s journalism department, Poulson is the founder and editor of Great Lakes Echo, a nonprofit journalism site, which defines its readership area as the watershed region of the Great Lakes.

For more about Poulson, see Covering the Planet.

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