Carl DeMaio group
Congressional candidate Carl DeMaio poses on Jan. 12, 2014 with some of his campaign staff, including policy director Todd Bosnich on his left. Bosnich would later accuse DeMaio of sexually harassing him, a claim DeMaio denies. Credit: Carl DeMaio Facebook page.

Maybe the only certain thing about the final weeks of the 52nd Congressional District race is that an angry former campaign staffer without a nondisclosure agreement is a major headache for Republican candidate Carl DeMaio.

Todd Bosnich, DeMaio’s former policy director, says he was fired for telling DeMaio to stop sexually harassing him. DeMaio says Bosnich was fired for plagiarizing a pension report.

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Ever since the sexual harassment allegations were first mentioned publicly by a reporter during a DeMaio news conference on Oct. 8, the DeMaio campaign has had to respond to accusations of sexual misconduct, bribery and attempts at a cover-up.

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