Dear inewsource readers,

We have a confession to make.

Our big projects, fancy maps, video stories and animation may lead you to believe we have a huge, multi-talented staff. Really, we are a very small group of journalists — five to be exact — who do important, relevant, award-winning work.

Our tiny nonprofit is made up of three investigative reporters, one data analyst and an editor who also runs the business. One of the reporters also shoots video. Another acts as a producer for all of our TV and radio stories.

We cover some of the most vital issues in region — health, education, environment and government accountability — more deeply than anyone else.

Much of what keeps us going is foundation support, but it doesn’t cover all our expenses. So we’re asking you, our loyal readers, to keep us strong in 2015 and beyond.

From now until Dec. 31, a generous donor is matching contributions to inewsource dollar for dollar. You give $10, they give $10.

Please, help us take advantage of this gift by making your year-end contribution to inewsource in any amount.

We have some great things planned for the new year. Become a part of what we’re doing and support journalism for the common good by clicking here.

—Lorie Hearn
Executive Director, inewsource

Lorie Hearn is the chief executive officer and editor of inewsource. She is a lifelong news-aholic who started her reporting career writing her Girl Scout newsletter at age 12. High school and college were filled with school newspaper work, and after graduation, she worked as a reporter for newspapers...