Cory Briggs
Cory Briggs. Photo by Sam Hodgson

Records released Monday confirm Cory Briggs’ wife was vice president of the Briggs Law Corp. for the past “twenty years,” which means she was an officer of the law firm he used to sue the city of San Diego at the same time she worked for a company on contract with the city.

This information is contained in a deposition of Briggs’ wife, Sarichia Cacciatore, taken under oath on Dec. 1, 2014, in San Diego Superior Court. Cacciatore’s lawyer, Marco Gonzalez, emailed the deposition to inewsource and San Diego City Attorney Jan Goldsmith at 4:25 p.m. on Monday.

Briggs, a high-profile environmental lawyer who was one of the first to publicly call for former Mayor Bob Filner’s resignation in 2013, fought release of the deposition last week in court. He called the motion to lift the protective order “a contrivance.”

Gonzalez did not say in his email why he was releasing the transcript, other than that it was in response to an inewsource public records act request and that his client, Cacciatore, “has no objection” to its release.

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