what's in the air
Aerial photo of San Diego. Sam Hodgson

Dear Friends of inewsource,

Today we’ve launched a new section of our website that highlights our commitment to mentoring and developing journalists of the future, particularly those at San Diego State University. The first entry is called “What’s in the Air,” a collaboration between inewsource and SDSU’s earth science and journalism programs.

“What’s in the Air” is a special class this semester. Science and journalism students have come together to build air monitoring sensors and share them with San Diego residents. The project is designed to teach students new digital tools and to empower neighborhoods to take charge of their own health and safety. Students will collect data and publish their findings on our website.

Please visit the new “Collaborations” section of the inewsource.org website to read more about “What’s in the Air” and to meet the students and the teachers.

We’ll alert you when new chapters in “What’s in the Air” unfold.

As always, thanks for supporting inewsource. And forward this email to a friend!

Sincerely, Lorie Hearn

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