Vista Del Mar Elementary school in San Ysidro. Leo Castaneda/inewsource

Today, we re-launch our investigation into high-risk school bonds on a new storytelling platform developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

A team at the MIT Media Lab invited inewsource to be among a small group of authors to test the he platform, called FOLD, which aims to provide context and visualizations for long-form and investigative journalism. Using narrative and context cards, readers can interact with graphics and additional text and videos without having to leave the principal story.

The MIT Media Lab, with support from  the Center for Civic Media, is introducing FOLD today.

We invite you to experience our school bonds project, called Ticking Time Bonds, in the FOLD platform and give us feedback. inewsource and the FOLD developers are working continually to improve the way we deliver investigative journalism to you.

Ticking Time Bonds was first published on Feb. 25.

Click here to read it in the FOLD platform.

Leonardo Castañeda was a reporter and economic analyst for inewsource. To contact him with tips, suggestions or corrections, please email leocastaneda [at] inewsource [dot] org.