University of California San Diego Medical Center in Hillcrest. Leo Castaneda/inewsource

When a food inspector found “a few live cockroaches” in the production kitchen at UCSD Medical Center in Hillcrest a year ago, it was chalked up as a moderate vermin violation. The hospital was ordered to get rid of the insects, but was still given an “A” rating, which generally indicates a satisfactory level of safety and cleanliness.

An inspection less than two months later found no cockroaches, but fast-forward three more months, and a roach infestation was so extensive the inspection wasn’t completed.  The kitchen was never closed down.

inewsource uncovered the situation at the UCSD hospital during a review of public health inspections conducted on university properties, including UCSD, San Diego State and Cal State San Marcos. Health and public safety is not enforced by the county in these eateries and kitchens. An inspection system is run by individual universities themselves.

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