Attorney Cory Briggs argues a case against the city of San Diego in Superior Court. Photo by Sam Hodgson

Cory Briggs, an attorney at the center of an inewsource investigation, has withdrawn a subpoena he served on inewsource’s executive director in April.

The subpoena sought information about a statement San Diego City Attorney Jan Goldsmith made to inewsource reporters in February concerning Briggs’ wife, Sarichia Cacciatore, and her role as vice president of the Briggs Law Corp. The statement was,

“It was stated by Cory Briggs as a fact… and we have verified that.”

Earlier that week, inewsource published a story examining Briggs’ relationship with Cacciatore, a former environmental biologist for Helix Environmental Planning, a city-contracted company whose work Briggs had sued over. After inewsource uncovered the potential conflict, the City Attorney’s Office found evidence that Cacciatore was also vice president of her husband’s law firm. Helix agreed to pay the city $143,000 to settle all claims related to the conflict in April while Briggs has fought since February to prove that Goldsmith’s office leaked confidential information to the reporters.

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