North County Transit District's counsel, Steven Boehmer, argues against the release of a management study in San Diego's Fourth District Court of Appeal on Tuesday, May 12, 2015. inewsource sued the transportation agency in 2014 on the grounds that the study, which assessed the leadership capabilities of NCTD's top managers and was conducted with taxpayer funds, is a public record that should be released. Photo by Brad Racino/inewsource.

A state appellate court has concluded that the summary of an assessment of senior managers at the North County Transit District should be released for public review.

The decision issued Monday by three justices of the 4th District Court of Appeal was a loss for NCTD, which had argued the entire assessment of 13 top managers was a confidential personnel document. inewsource sued the district in March 2014, contending the full report should be released because the public’s interest in it outweighed privacy issues.

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