San Diego media outlets, including inewsource, are challenging a federal court order prohibiting the release of security camera footage that shows the April shooting of an unarmed, mentally ill man at the hands of a San Diego police officer.

An attorney for five media outlets filed a motion in federal court Wednesday afternoon requesting that the media and the public be allowed to review surveillance video that captured city police officer Neal Browder shooting and killing 42-year-old Fridoon Rawshan Nehad outside of a Midway District adult bookstore on April 30.

The motion also requests public access to officer Browder’s statement about the shooting.

“No reason … exists to shroud the video in secrecy,” media attorney Guylyn Cummins argued in the motion. “Since no ‘good cause’ exists to shield the video or Officer Browder’s statement, and the First Amendment interests of the press and the public in understanding why and how this killing occurred are compelling, public access should be afforded.”

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