Dr. Robert Engler

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Robert Engler and Julie Ruedi have given a seed gift to the “inewsource Endowment Fund,” which is held at the Rancho Santa Fe Foundation. We are also grateful for the generosity of two additional donors who have followed their lead and contributed early gifts to the endowment fund.

Bob and Julie had this to say about why starting the endowment fund for inewsource was a priority.

“We believe inewsource is an important resource for San Diego.  inewsource is credible, investigative journalism at its finest. We believe and want inewsource to be a viable organization for the long term. This seed gift to start the endowment fund is building an investment for the future of inewsource and for San Diegans.

“Investigative journalism was a major area of reporting cut by daily papers as subscriptions and advertising declined over the past decade. Foundations and philanthropy for the benefit of the public are now funding much of this important journalism. In-depth, transparent reporting is a public service that is critically important in a healthy democracy.  We want to ensure its sustainability.

“An endowment fund can help support a nonprofit during hard times, like those during the Great Recession that we all recently experienced.  People who plan for the long term put part of their income in a retirement fund and a rainy day fund for support when income is reduced; we are glad to see inewsource exercising sound financial planning for the future.

“Since inewsource first started as an independent nonprofit six years ago, it has proven to the San Diego community and the nation that these stories can change lives, hold those in power accountable, and provide an essential resource for people making informed decisions.   Please join us in supporting inewsource, today and in perpetuity.”

To learn more about donating to the inewsource Endowment Fund, click here.

There are many ways for you to support inewsource.  Giving a gift now supports our mission and covers operating costs, reporter salaries, and business growth. There are specific funding opportunities for those who wish to make a major impact gift. We are confident that together we can achieve mutual goals.

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By phone:  619-594-8825 or by email:  paula.isley@inewsource.org

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