An unidentified man, dubbed Sixty-Six Garage, has been on life support in a Coronado nursing home for 15 years.

Just weeks ago, officials were optimistic they had a strong lead on identifying a John Doe who has been on life support for the past 15 years in a Coronado nursing home. They were waiting for DNA confirmation.

The man, dubbed 66 Garage, is minimally conscious and has been kept alive with breathing and feeding tubes since 1999, the year the vehicle he was traveling in crashed near the border.

Although a person believed to be a relative has been found in Mexico, a DNA sample has not been obtained.

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The red meters scattered throughout downtown San Diego that collect donations for the homeless have raised nearly $10,000 since the first of nearly two dozen stations was installed four years ago.

While the total is far from enough money to help the city end its fight against homelessness, the nonprofit organization that operates the donation program says the meters are about more than generating money for homeless services.

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