Third grade teacher Ramiro Ramirez, shown with fellow teacher Allison Curry, invites those who think high classroom temperatures are a mere discomfort to spend a day in his classroom. Photo by Nicholas McVicker, KPBS

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Temporary measures inadequate to address heat in San Diego schools, teachers say

Teachers whose San Diego classrooms are surpassing 85 degrees for days at a time say temporary coping measures offered by school officials are unworkable. They are forced to teach less on hot days, some say, and student learning slows.

The weather has cooled somewhat now, but in San Diego Unified schools both inland and coastal, classrooms without air conditioning recorded multiple days in the 90s as this school year began. Teachers say the beginning of the school year last year was also unacceptable, and National Weather Service records provide some support for the perspective.

Such temperatures are “absolutely unacceptable” in a classroom, said Marco Pritoni, an energy engineer at the Western Cooling Efficiency Center at the University of California Davis.

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