Newsletter: Podcast Pilot: Airport Curfew Violations
The San Diego International Airport is shown at sunset in this 2015 file photo. (Megan Wood/inewsource)

Newsletter: Podcast Pilot: Airport Curfew Violations

inewsource is always looking for newways to bring deeply researched investigative and data-driven stories to San DiegoCounty residents. That’s why we areexploring podcastsas a way to share longform audio storytelling. This builds on our current radio reporting for our media partner, KPBS.

We are piloting this podcast with a story we first reported in November 2015. Reporter Chris Young found that airlines were routinely violating a curfew intended to keep departing planes grounded from 11:30 p.m. to 6:30 a.m. However, out of the more than 200 violations since 2010 only about half had resulted in a fine.

We also want your feedback: Tell us what you like — or don’t like — about the podcast, what we can do to make it better and what kinds of stories and issues you would like to hear. You can tweet at us or email us here. You can also find a full transcript of the episode here.

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