Data is at the heart of inewsource’s work. Now we’ve made it easier and more fun for readers to explore at

At inewsource, we love data. Because it’s the best way to nail down facts for stories you can trust. And believe it or not, data can actually be fun.

To prove that, we are launching another website that pulls together data, maps, photos, videos, text – everything we use to tell stories – in one sleek-looking, responsive, easy-to-use place. It’s called the inewsource Data Center. (If you follow the link and end up on our campaign contributions page, please clear your browser’s cache and try again).

We’re starting small with this adventure. The center includes 10 of our most popular data sets. That means the data sets people have explored, probed and played around with the most over the past few years. These include vaccination rates, diversity maps, building complaints and poverty information. Eventually, the site will house dozens, hundreds and possibly thousands of new and unique data sets that we will mesh to uncover hidden trends and possible solutions to some of San Diego’s most pressing issues.

It’s pretty exciting.

The page is in beta right now — meaning it’s still a work in progress. Which is why we need your help. Take a minute to poke around and tell us what you like and what you don’t. What’s working for you, what do you hate, what would you like to see? Are the colors OK? Is the font size working for you? How’s it looking on mobile? Email us at

We’ll be gathering feedback and adjusting accordingly.

Data.inewsource was built not just to showcase our data chops, but also to wrangle related stories and pieces of them into one easy-to-find location. Another plus: It’s faster and sleeker than anything we’ve ever built.

So please bookmark the site and have some fun. Check in with us frequently. We’ll be updating it often with new data.

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