Cyber security tools
A selection of tools journalists use to protect sources, documents and communication.

This is a list of free tools and techniques you can use to better protect yourself online. This list follows along with the inewsource’s April 3 cyber security discussion and is only a tiny portion of what’s available. Note: inewsource is not advocating for any product in particular.

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How journalists use secure communications to interact with sources

Phone apps to download and use for secure communication:

PGP email encryption:
Thunderbird (Mozilla):

Secure online browsing tools:
Tor Browser:

File sharing:
Onion Share: (requires Tor)

Anonymously file records requests to local, state or federal agencies:

General privacy risks online

Check if a Twitter user is a bot:
Meet Mitsuku (three-time winner of the Loebner Prize Turing Test):

Knowledge is Power

California’s Constitutional right to privacy:
California’s Data Breach Notice:
California Online Privacy Protection Act:

Cybersecurity Best Practices

Top 5 Android security apps”:

Non-tracking search engines for browsers:
Duck Duck Go:

Password management applications:
KeePass Password Safe:
Sticky Password:

How to set up two-factor authentication with Gmail:
How to set up two-factor authentication with Yahoo:

Unsecured networks:
What is a virtual private network?
SurfEasy VPN:

Block spying ads:
Privacy Badger:

Electronic Frontier Foundation resources:

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Brad RacinoAssistant Editor and Senior Investigative Reporter

Brad Racino was the assistant editor and senior investigative reporter at inewsource. He's a big fan of transparency, whistleblowers and government agencies forgetting to redact key information from FOIA requests. Brad received his master’s degree in journalism from the University of Missouri...