This is a stack of Form 460s photographed on April 16, 2018. They are the most comprehensive finance reports that a California political campaign must file. (Photo illustration by Brandon Quester/inewsource)

inewsource has updated its San Diego County campaign finance database to capture the most recent fundraising and spending by politicians, ballot measure groups and political action committees in the county.

The searchable database now includes all transactions through July 31, gathered from campaign finance reports filed electronically with the county registrar’s office.

Before inewsource launched its database in April, those interested in exploring the money in San Diego County politics could rely on the county’s complicated online portal. Our tool allows people to easily access the information and search through all of the records going back to January 2017.

The database not only includes contributions to campaigns, but also debts, loans and spending.

Brandon Quester was the director of data and visuals at inewsource. To contact inewsource with tips, suggestions or corrections, please email contact [at] inewsource [dot] org.