Wanted: Next Generation Of Watchdog Journalists

inewsource, a San Diego investigative news nonprofit, offers paid internships to journalism students during the fall and spring terms as well as during the summer. We are a media partner of KPBS, a public radio and TV station, and are based in their newsroom on the San Diego State University campus.

At inewsource, our goal is to provide in-depth investigative stories on issues that affect the future of everyday San Diegans. Whether we’re reporting about local government, transportation, education, health, taxes or the environment, our team works together to deliver these stories on the web, radio and TV. When it makes sense, our work is grounded in data. Our interns learn investigative and computer-assisted reporting techniques from the staff and assist in producing watchdog work that sets inewsource apart in San Diego. Depending on their reporting experience, they may produce their own stories.

Application deadlines:

Fall term — June 28, 2019 (15-20 hours)
Spring term — Nov. 15, 2019 (15-20 hours)
Summer — Jan. 31, 2020 (40 hours)

To apply: Send a resume, cover letter and samples of your work to Managing Editor Laura Wingard – laurawingard@inewsource.org


We'll let you know when big things happen.

About inewsource staff:

inewsource staff
To contact us, email: contact at inewsource dot org, or see our about page for specific reporter info.