We have terrific, talented and passionate journalists on our team practicing the kind of public service journalism that our audiences have come to expect from inewsource.

What you may not know is that some of the legwork that goes into our in-depth reporting is done by paid college interns recruited locally and nationally.

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“At inewsource, I developed meticulous work habits used to make sure every word of my reporting was accurate, fair and well-reasoned.”

— Quinn Owen, ABC News reporter in Washington, D.C. and former inewsource intern


inewsource is building what it sees as a preeminent internship program that attracts promising students from across the country. We offer internships each semester and during the summer. Our interns have come from a variety of universities, including San Diego State, UC San Diego, Point Loma Nazarene University, University of Missouri, Arizona State and Columbia University.

During their internships, we teach them how to background story subjects, file public records requests, analyze data and fact-check stories before publication. Students are mentored on what it takes to do investigative reporting, from data crunching to shoe-leather reporting to accountability interviews.

We’re proud that our interns have gone on to successful journalism careers at well-known news organizations, including ProPublica, the Los Angeles Times and the Mercury News in San Jose.

One of the most important missions for us at inewsource is to grow the next generation of watchdog journalists so that there are always investigative reporters looking out for you.

To contact the newsroom, email contact@inewsource.org. To contact a specific reporter, see our Staff page. Visit our Byline Policy for more information.