Behind the scenes

Our journalists do incredible work day in and day out, and we like to tout them as often as we can. But we also want you to know about the dedication and volunteer service of our inewsource Board of Directors. They are the ones behind the scenes upholding our mission and guiding our vision, ensuring sound governance and our path forward.

As we celebrate our 10th anniversary, we’re humbled by the individuals – past and present – who have volunteered their time to build inewsource.

We are lucky and grateful to have Karin Winner, a pioneering newswoman herself, at our helm as board chair. She has served on our board since the beginning. Her passion for our work and her leadership in the region has helped build inewsource into the organization it is today.

Our board members are our ambassadors, our champions in the community, shouting our praises and mining feedback. They are an impressive group of leaders in the community and in the national journalism landscape.

In this past year, we were excited to welcome four new board members:

David Fuhriman

Kitty Wolcott

Sandra Timmons

Matthew Halgren

We’re incredibly thankful for our board members, for their service on our board, and for their commitment to investigative journalism for the common good.


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