Impact is the gold standard for inewsource. It’s why inewsource was founded as one of the nation’s first nonprofit newsrooms in 2009 and why people from all walks of life support us.

This week, we’re proud to publish our first Annual Impact Report to share our results this past year far and wide.

We published 90 stories where we dug deep and persisted in revealing injustice and holding power to account. Highlights of our impact include state and federal investigations to help veterans, a new state law to protect farmers, greater local vaccine availability and an end to illegal police practices.

Our CEO and Editor Lorie Hearn writes of the year: “We strived to safeguard what matters to you by listening, investigating and shining a white hot light on what could be better.” 

Our report has another important purpose: recognizing all those whose support makes our work possible. Readers like you power our newsroom so we can bring you more local investigative reporting about what matters most. Gifts of all sizes make a difference.

It’s the community-funded, community-driven difference of nonprofit news. It’s why and how we show up and make a difference, together. And it’s why we have big plans for 2023. Thank you for standing with us in improving lives in San Diego and beyond.

— Bobbie Jo Kelso

inewsource Director of Philanthropy

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Bobbie Jo Kelso is the director of philanthropy at inewsource. She creates and leads philanthropic strategy to inspire and sustain support for the organization’s nonprofit investigative journalism. Kelso excels in building brands, inspiring action and raising critical funds to advance nonprofit...